Tryout Information  

Who Can Tryout?

Tryouts are open to any athletes who will be students enrolled at Dakota Ridge High School for the 2021-2022 school year. There is no experience necessary in order to tryout/make a team. 

How do I register to tryout and submit my physical?


To Register/Create an account to upload your physical go to 


Online Registration Procedures

  1. Obtain a valid Athletic physical (must be an ‘athletic/sports’ physical, not a ‘well-child/general’ physical) Please have your Dr. fill out and sign the JEFFCO STATEMENT BY PHYSICIAN FOR ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION.  (Make sure you have uploaded a physical to a fall registration even if you have already uploaded a winter and/or spring registration previously)

  2. Click on the ‘Athletic Team Registration’ icon 

  3. First time users must ‘Create a Family Account’

  4. Go back in to the Athletic Registration website, click ‘Family Account Login’

  5. Register your student for their sport, this includes uploading his/her athletic physical…please make sure to enter the physical date exactly as shown on physical (incorrect info in this area will delay your registration)

  6. After the registration has been processed, you will receive an email from DRHS stating “Registration Complete”….at this point your student has been cleared to participate

  7. Fill out this form in it's entirety

  8. New cheerleaders must register on The CHSAA Digital Platform

      Dakota Ridge school code is S41568



What should I wear to Tryouts?


Please wear a mask, sports bra, t-shirt or tank top, shorts or leggings, and athletic sneakers (Wednesday you must wear a white t-shirt, navy shorts and white/light colored athletic sneakers.) Make sure to have your hair up out of your face. No jewelry!

What do I need to bring to tryouts?

You must have created an athletic account on Rschool and have your physical submitted online. Please make sure all 8 steps on the left side of this page are completed and bring your most recent grade report, a headshot and the $25 tryout fee. Please bring a water bottle.

What is the tryout process?

Candidates for tryouts will be judged on the following categories:

1. A cheer and dance that will be taught during tryout clinics

2. Tumbling (standing and/or running)

3. Jumps- a toe touch is required, plus another jump of the candidate’s choice (herky, pike, hurdler, etc.)

4. Energy, spirit, attitude, presentation

5. Scholastic eligibility and attitude.

Each applicant will wear a number during the evaluation process. A sign with applicant’s corresponding tryout numbers will be posted on the cafeteria door announcing final team placements as soon as all athletes have completed the evaluation process and judges have discussed and tallied scores.  Corresponding tryout numbers will also be posted at and an email of the final team placements will go out the evening of April 7th to all parents and athletes of the 2021-2022 Dakota Ridge Cheer Teams.